How to manage inventory using Free Excel Template? Retail Inventory (Stock) Tracker

Download a free Excel template to track inventory for your retail business.

Retail Inventory Tracker 2020 – Free Inventory (Stock) Management template

A simple and effective way to manage orders and inventory for your retail business. If you are getting started with a retail business where you plan to buy products from your suppliers and then sell them to customers with a margin, then you would need a tool to track your business in an effective way.

Why do we need an Inventory and Sales Management tool?

1. What is current inventory level?
2. When to order?
3. Which products to order?
4. Are we profitable?
5. Who are best customers and suppliers?

In order to get to this information easily and quickly, we need some kind of software. There are several sophisticated and expensive cloud based software available to manage inventory and sales for retail businesses.

For small and medium size businesses, especially when we are starting up, it is important that any software we choose is easy to use, customize and not expensive. This is why I am excited to present a free Excel template as a solution.

Features of this template

Order Management
3 types of orders (Sale, Purchase, Adjust)
Handles product returns
Auto-Populate product prices in orders

Inventory Management
Calculates current inventory of each product
Set re-order points and know what to order

Handles tax
Handles product level and order level discounts
Calculates Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) and Profit

Data Management
Easily access Product, Partner (Customer and Supplier) and Order Lists
Maintain history of Product price data

6 page interactive report of business metrics
12 month trends of key metrics
Identify best products and partners
Calculates Inventory value

Overview of steps

Initial Setup
Enter Business Information in Settings sheet
Enter Product Categories in Settings sheet
Enter list of Products in Products sheet
Enter current Prices of products in Prices sheet
Enter list of customers and suppliers in Partners sheet

Creating Orders
Enter list of Orders in Order Headers sheet.
Enter each order’s details (line items) in Order Details sheet.

Viewing business report
View summary of business performance in Report sheet

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