How to Plan & Build Your Career as an Ambitious Person [COMPLETE COURSE]

Trying to level the playing field for everyone to have a great career – this is the ultimate guide if you have high ambitions and want to plan your career well.

We build career masterplans, help you start a side-venture, share reads & resources to join the 0.00001%:

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Chapter overview:
0:00 You don’t know what you don’t know
5:30 Kevin Jon background
7:15 How to create a vision and a masterplan for life?
19:20 How to choose what to study?
29:56 How to get any job you want?
52:32 Investment banking, Consulting, Private Equity, VC, Tech, Startup
1:22:59 How to reach a net worth of USD 1m before 35
1:36:22 How to become a billionaire
1:40:32 Best industries to work in for ambitious people
1:41:50 Closing words from chief gorilla

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