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Welcome to the family!

If you’re new here, my name’s Sebastian Robeck.

After dropping out of college in 2016, I started my digital marketing agency in late 2017, and scaled to 6 figures in under 6 months.

I then went on to start coaching other agency owners, alongside continuing to run my own digital marketing agency.

By the end of 2019, I scaled my businesses to over 7 figures in collected revenue.

My mission is to be a light for those who feel stuck in the dark.

Whether you’re a young buck looking to blaze your own path, or you’re already working a full time job and want to finally go full time as a digital marketer…

My goal is to INSPIRE you.

I use this channel to share my message, so if you’re into digital marketing/business, sales, travel, and breaking free of the shackles society places on you, this is the place to be.

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In today’s video, I’ll be going over how to price SMMA services & what to charge clients for your social media marketing agency.

This is possibly one of the most common questions I get when digital marketers ask me how to grow their SMMA.

Pricing SMMA services and what to charge clients for your social media marketing agency is an extremely important part of growing your agency effectively.

It’s very easy to mess up your pricing model, and put yourself in a position where you have less than ideal clients and low profit margins.

However, as I explain in today’s video, there are ways to price your SMMA services so that you can have high profit margins, while also having the best type of SMMA clients (and keep them happy!)

If pricing your services and what to charge SMMA clients is something you’re struggling with, make sure to watch the full video to learn everything you need to know to start charging your clients properly!


See ya’ll in the next one!

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