How To Start A Barbecue Business: Tips Of The Trade – Episode #275 w/Derrick Wood

Derick Woods has gone from a process of backyard BBQ grilling to now having a lucrative mobile food enterprise. After spending a decade mastering his craft he has now been able to experience the concept of “ the riches being in the niches.” We sit down to talk about his story, business journey and passion to help others in the mobile food business industry.

– The power of CONSUMABLE PRODUCTS as the foundation as a business model.

– How his passion for the culinary art and experience was sparked from a young age.

– Finding your market through activity : why this brings tangible results.

– How he overcame underpricing himself in order to have a more lucrative profits margin.

– White-labeling your products and the massive industry behind helping you bring your dream to the market.

– How he was able to scale to a multiple six-figure business using his experience and sample model.

And so much more!

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Show notes:
00:00 Podcast Preview And Sponsored By

03:02 Introducing Derrick Woods

04:22 From Barbequing In The Parking Lot To Parking In The Mayor’s Spot

08:51 Sometimes You Win And Sometimes You Learn

13:03 The Art Of The Grill

19:02 When Purpose Is Not Known, Abuse Is Inevitable

20:10 Commercial Break

21:10 Be Afraid Of Not Trying

26:10 Activities Breeds Results

32:00 The Cost Of The Lesson

35:53 Business Model Breakdown

40:01 Brain Picker Commercial

41:04 Finding The Right Ingredient

49:37 Brand Loyal

57:10 A Premium Quality That Stands Out

59:39 Sponsored By

1:05:00 You See What You’ve Been Programed To See

1:06:14 Podcast Predictions

1:08:20 Podcast Principles
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