How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Financial Services Business

What is the best social media platform for mortgage brokers? How can you use social media to grow your financial services business online? These are the questions I often get asked.

I interviewed Abigail Garland of Dot Dash Digital who shared some of her top tips around marketing strategies for social media, social media platforms, social media management, and social media success. So if you’re a mortgage broker or IFA, this video is for you.

Here are the topics that we discussed:

How to adapt to social media trends and updates
Understanding social media for service-based businesses
How to add value to your business with social media
What social media strategies can you use to increase engagement?
The importance of creating ‘rich content’
Why you should start doing Facebook Live events
Keeping in compliance with the ‘Terms and Conditions’ of different social media platforms
How to figure out the right content for social media
The value of having quality over quantity and the importance of consistency
The best day and time to post on social media
How to use the new feature of WhatsApp business
Tips for creating social media strategies



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