How You Can Use Mind Mapping In Your Business Consulting Or Advisory Practice

This Video is about How You Can Use Mind Mapping in Your Business Consulting or Advisory Practice

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The Benefits of Mind Mapping for Business Consultants, Advisors and Coaches

I’m Niall Strickland – CEO of GrowthOracle Dot Com, HowsMyBusinessDoing Dot Com, and Niall Strickland Dot Com. For anyone that does not know me yet, I am a management expert who has developed a range of automated business assessment tools for business consultants or advisors as well as for Small & Medium business owners.

I have been a user of Mind Mapping since I first learned about it in College back in the 1980’s. It was a great study aid as it allowed me to capture large quantities of data and to summarize it in a structured and easy-to-remember way for exam preparation.

Mind Mapping has evolved considerably since then, and there are lots of electronic versions available that have become transformative for business.

I particularly like the versions with a strong business focus, which can be easily used by business executives and consultants to run their businesses and practices in a more streamlined fashion. In fact, not only do I use Mind Mapping in my own Business Advisory practice, I also teach all of my clients how to use Mind Mapping to good effect in their businesses too.

But how can this be leveraged for a business consulting or advisory practice? Well, one particular Mind Mapping software product offers a suite of tools that are useful for those involved in our industry. It is called MindGenius. It provides a large suite of templates that can be used in your advisory practice, including for the following activities:

– Business Strategy
– Business Planning
– Project Management
– Project Plans for wide range of different project types
– Marketing
– Financial Planning
– Sales
– Compliance & Risk
– Human Resource Management
– Question Sets
– Problem Solving
– Brainstorming
– Meeting Management

But that’s not all. It also has the capability to manage projects, deal with manpower planning & resource allocation, and it can act as the center for command and control activities in any business.

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The Benefits of Mind Mapping for Business Consultants, Advisors and Coaches

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