Human Resource Career Paths – 7 Career Paths in Human Resources

Human Resource Career Paths – Employment of human resources managers is projected to grow seven percent over the next ten years. Faster than the average for all occupations.

This video expands upon different career options in the HR field. While Human Resources is often thought of as a single “type” of job, there are many career options within the field. I attempt to summarize many of the major HR areas, how people break into jobs in each respective area, what types of skills are relied upon to be successful and long-term career options.Please note that to fit a discussion on HR careers in under 10 minutes, I did some major generalization to pull everything together. If you have a story for your HR career, please share it in the comments below. I’d love to hear about it. Really!
Introduction 0:00
Post-Introduction 0:37
Recruiting & Staffing 2:02
Total Rewards 3:25
Training 4:35
LR / ER 5:14

HRIS 6:11
Performance / OD 7:00
Generalist 7:59

Translated titles:
Trayectorias profesionales de recursos humanos: 7 trayectorias profesionales en recursos humanos

Karrierewege in der Personalabteilung-7 Karrierewege in der Personalabteilung

Parcours de carrière en ressources humaines-7 parcours de carrière en ressources humaines

Planos de carreira de recursos humanos-7 planos de carreira em recursos humanos

मानव संसाधन कैरियर पथ-मानव संसाधन में


Human Resource Carrièrepaden-7 Carrièrepaden in Human Resources

Percorsi di carriera nelle risorse umane-7 percorsi di carriera nelle risorse umane


Карьерные пути человеческих ресурсов-7 карьерных путе