HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGER Interview Questions and Answers! (PASS your HR Manager Interview!)

Learn how to PASS your Human Resources Manager (HR) interview with sample questions and answers:
Do you have an HR Manager interview coming up? If so, prepare for the following interview questions:

Tell me about yourself and why you want to become an HR Manager?

TIP 1: During your answer, focus on the skills, attributes and previous work experience you have that are relevant to the role of a Human Resources manager. Do not spend time discussing your home life – they are not interested.

TIP 2: Key skills such as managing, leading, attention to detail, resilience, an ability to follow rules and procedures are all positive attributes of this specific role.

What qualities and attributes are required specifically to be an effective HR Manager?

TIP 1: Have a set number of qualities and attributes already prepared for this answer. My advice is to utilize 7 specific, main qualities and attributes that are essential to the HR Manager role.

TIP 2: Before you answer this question, my advice is to study the job description in detail and pick out the key qualities and attributes they require from the successful candidate.

Q. As our HR Manager, you will be required to manage the department effectively on a daily basis. Describe your management style in 3 words?

TIP 1: This question relates to your style of management. Therefore, you need to pick out 3 strong qualities you have that all combine to make a resilient and robust managerial style.

TIP 2: My advice is to give 3 specific attributes and then back up each of them with a reason as to why they are impressive qualities.

Q. Why have you chosen our company to work as a Human Resources Manager?
Q. Give me an example of a complex HR issue you’ve dealt with and what you did from start to finish?

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