If I Started A Video Production Company… I’d Do This…

If you want to start a video production company, this is the easiest way to get INSTANT results in 2022!

This video is my most valuable one yet! It’s packed full of actionable content for anyone who is wondering how to start a video production company and for those of you who want to know how to grow your video production business to the next level.

If I used these methods when starting my own video production company, I would have been able to grow at a much faster rate! – That’s the power of heindsight…πŸ™„
In this video, you will learn the most important things about starting a video production company the mistakes I made, and how to get video clients from day 1!

If you want to take shortcuts, here are the video chapters…
[Not recommended if you want to benefit from the full value!]

0:00 Intro
1:27 Video Production Overview
1:55 TLC System
3:26 Leads Breakdown
4:10 Customers Breakdown
5:49 Generate Interest (Website & IG)
8:25 Freelancer Matrix
11:40 Business Overview Videos
13:18 Core Service Offering vs Upsell
16:16 RCP System
19:32 Social Media Management
21:05 Small Business Focus
21:56 Step-By-Step How To Find Videography Clients

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