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In Today’s Episode of Figuring Out,
We’ve Sanjeev Barnwal, the Co-founder and CTO of Meesho, the social commerce platform. He went to IIT-Delhi to complete his bachelor’s. After completing IIT, he went to Japan. There he worked as a part of the Core Tech Team of Sony.

Sanjeev was happy at Sony and learned a lot during his time. But he couldn’t help feeling that he was supposed to establish his own business. And then he decided to develop something on his own with his batchmate Vidit Aatrey.

They originally started their business with FASHNEAR but the concept did not catch on. Meesho was born then. Meesho app essentially connects manufacturers to resellers. Manufacturers list their commodities on the Meesho shopping app, allowing merchants to choose from any of their products and sell them to customers using social networks like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

In merely 5 years Meesho reached the milestone of a $1 Billion Valuation. Meesho is the first company to get funding from Facebook.

In this episode of Figuring Out we discussed:

01 – The success story of Meesho

02 – How did meesho start?

03 – How to come up with a winning startup idea?

04 – Next big industry in India

05 – Job vs Startup and a lot more…

So If you are interested in E-commerce, Brand Building & Entrepreneurship then WATCH This Episode Till The End!

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00:00 – Introduction
00:30 – Why did he leave his job to start a startup?
02:30 – Actual idea of Meesho
04:12 – Framework for startup ideas
07:18 – How to acquire new skills?
11:42 – Importance of doing non-scalable things
15:28 – Difference between Japanese and Indian work culture
18:34 – How did Meesho get funding from Facebook?
20:22 – How is Social Commerce different from E-Commerce?
22:51 – Product Market Fit for Meesho
25:55 – How to enable tech in non-tech business?
28:31 – How to find data through tech?
33:05 – How to learn about building a business?
36:43 – How to reach out to people?
41:44 – How do you select which startup is best for investing in?
43:57 – Next big industry in India
46:43 – Conclusion

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