#Interview: Scaling a Billion Dollar Company | Jayson Waller The SCALEit Method® with Allison Maslan

Running a company with over 2,000 employees might sound difficult, but Jayson breaks it down into bite sized goals that keeps him and his team pointed towards one vision.

Today on the show we’re replaying Jayson’s interview he did with Allison Maslan on the Scale It Method podcast! Jayson talks about how he first got into the solar industry, where he learned to become a serial entrepreneur, and how we can keep ourselves and our team moving forward!


02:53 – How Jayson’s tough upbringing contributed to his entrepreneurial spirit
05:44 – Why we need to continue to stack wins even when we get comfortable
08:25 – Jayson first steps into the solar industry
12:57 – The importance of sales when starting a business
18:16 – How to grow a great team with different perspectives
24:00 – Navigating the work from home culture
25:49 – Why hiring great leaders is so important for your business
28:46 – Why everyone should be aligned with the same vision
32:54 – How setting smaller goals can lead to long term success
33:56 – Jayson’s struggles in the first few years with a solar company
35:57 – The secret to scale a billion dollar company
And much more…

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Follow True Underdog and Jayson Waller on your favorite social media channels and digital podcast platforms: https://linktr.ee/trueunderdog

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