Is It Possible To Be a Profitable & Sustainable Social Entrepreneur? | You Two Should Meet | Square

Maynard Okereke (Hip Hop Science Show) and Dan Davidson (Rosebud Coffee) share a lively conversation about social entrepreneurship, discussing everything from comparing and contrasting their philanthropic ideas and executions to trading tips on how to better serve their communities while becoming leaders in growth and giving.

00:00 – 00:40 Maynard & Dan
00:40 – 3:47 What are your profit and non-profit businesses, and what inspired you to be in social entrepreneurship?
3:49 – 4:42 How do you partner with the community to further social impact?
4:43 – 6:07 How do you balance a for-profit business and a nonprofit to grow both businesses?
6:08 – 7:06 How do you develop social impact beyond the business?
7:08 – 9:01 How do you continue the impact of social entrepreneurship using community support?
9:03 – 10:25 What tools and platforms are you using for your business?
10:27 – 11:28 How can you incorporate social responsibility into your business every day?
11:33 – 12:06 Takeaways

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‘You Two Should Meet’ brings together entrepreneurs from diverse industries for an intimate conversation on what it takes to start, run and grow a business. Watch the series here:

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