LLCs Don’t Save Taxes…Unless…

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00:00 Intro
00:20 Topic Overview
02:31 Structure of the LLC
08:07 Follow Through
13:08 LLC is Not One Paper
15:04 Q1: Saving Taxes with Spouse?
21:45 Q2: Moving Home Business Write-off
24:44 Q3: Partnering Rental Property with LLC
16:44 Q4: Exposure without LLC
29:59 Q5: Pay Roll One Time Trick
32:09 Q6: Business Taxes for LLC to S-Corp
36:19 Q7: Accountant Training From Mark
38:10 Q8: Tax Advisory Network
39:39 Q9: Paying Children Through LLC
45:38 Q10: PP and S-Corp
49:10 Q11: Clean Up Special
50:34 Calendar Give Away
53:00 Outro

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