Marketing Has Gotten Exponentially Harder. Here’s How Partner Marketing Solves That Challenge.

In this video, we welcome back Bob Glazer, to discuss how marketing is changing, and to explore some of the key methods for layering performance marketing into one’s growth strategy.

03:01 – The lack of ROI with paid ads and social media.
04:35 – How Bob Glazer defines affiliate and brand marketing.
09:28 – An overview of Bob Glazer’s new book Moving to Outcomes.
14:19 – Practical methods for instituting affiliate marketing strategies.
18:28 – Some of the awards that Acceleration Partners has won
20:25 – How Acceleration Partners has been remote for ten years
24:40 – An overview of Acceleration Partners hubs in the US.
27:54 – Bob’s thoughts on current trends in wage inflation.
31:03 – Bob’s favorite performance marketing tool.

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