Meet your social media expert 🤗

☘️ Are you business owner?
☘️You don’t have time to post content on your social media?
☘️You don’t know the right way to attract new customers and engagements?
☘️Do you want a professional account, but don’t know how to manage it?
☘️If so, you are at the right place.

My name is Bashir and I will make your work easier by being you social media manager. I am a Certified Social Media Marketing Manager and I have years of experience in this sector.

What I will do for you:
✔️Develop a social media strategy
✔️Create social media content
✔️Engage with the audience (likes, comments & follows)
✔️Grow your followers
✔️Hashtag research
✔️Caption writing (if you want to)
✔️Schedule posts & stories
✔️Measure the success of every social media campaign
✔️Monthly repots
✔️Communicate with influencers via social media to create a strong network
✔️ Create ads (Re-Targeting, A/B testing)

Some of the tools I use are:
☑️ Canva
☑️ Hootsuite
☑️ Buffer
☑️ Tweet deck
☑️ Hashtagify
☑️ Infogram
☑️ Pixababy
☑️ Unsplash
☑️ Soapbox

Social Media Platforms I’m used to(not limited to);
☑️ Instagram
☑️ Facebook
☑️ Twitter
☑️ TikTok
☑️ Pinterest
☑️ LinkedIn

You are probably wondering, why should you hire me as opposed to anyone else?

My GOAL is to help my clients navigate the world of social media, from creating high-quality and highly engaging social media content to building brand-customer relationships to developing social media strategies that are specifically suited to help you fulfill your social media goals on your respective platforms and connecting your brand to your target audience via paid and organic social media marketing.
I’m also always communicating with my clients to understand their goals and give them the BEST. Not only that, my keen attention to detail, creativity, empathy, and ability to work with little supervision separate me from other freelancers.

Do you want to achieve one or ALL of the following goals:

✔To be more present and consistent on all of your social media platforms?
✔To make your social media marketing run without you?
✔To increase your social proof & overall brand?
🖥️ My Services will surely help you achieve these goals.

☘️My mission statement is simple. I aim to take all of the stress out of scaling your business by providing a straightforward social media strategy to grow your social media presence, and in turn grow your business.

Next Steps ⏭️
I do not take on clients unless I believe we will be a good fit for each other. I offer a free 10-minute consultation to all clients, or anybody just curious about Social media marketing and the services we offer. Send me a job invite and we can discuss your problems and see how I can help you.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me, so I can formulate a step by step plan for scaling your business !

Talk soon,
Bashir 🙂