Meta Blueprint: Creative Strategy on Social Media by Dante

Remember back when Facebook was all about cat videos, oversharing about our relationships and Farmville?

Ten years later, social media marketing is a much more sophisticated activity. We know more about what works, what doesn’t and what can get you in trouble.

While you might have mastered the boost button and feel that you’ve finally got you head around Ads Manager and even Business Manager, you may not have thought too much about the impact of the text and images/video that you’re putting out there.

Meta (Facebook) consulted some of the world’s most active digital agencies to put together a series of courses on Creative Strategy when it comes to Facebook and Instagram. The result was a range of skills that are a MUST when it comes to getting attention, conveying a message and measuring whether it worked.

In this one hour big-picture view of how to be creative on social media by Meta Blueprint and presented by Meta Lead Trainer, Dante St James, you will learn:

The best practices for creative in a mobile world

How to stay stay in the rules and out of trouble

How adjusting for different formats and audiences can make a big difference

How to know if what you’re doing is working

This workshop is brought to you by Business Station and AusIndustry under the Digital Solutions Program.

Dante St James is one of Australia’s leading digital and early-stage start-up business guides. He is one of just 5 certified Meta (Facebook) trainers in Australia, is certified by LinkedIn Marketing Labs, is a Google Digital Springboard delivery partner and the founder of Darwin Small Business Network, Cellular One, Clickstarter and StartUp Territory.

His goal as a digital and business skills coach and trainer is to move past technology challenges and jargon to show small business and startup founders how to do great work in the quickest and most effective way to grow their businesses.

His areas of expertise include digital marketing, social media, small business systems, branding, messaging, startup acceleration and funding, the psychology of business and growing audiences and influence.

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