Monetize on YouTube: How to Make $5K a Month on YouTube

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Youtube takes time and effort so make sure that you are doing it right by guaranteeing profit off of your channel. This will not only make you money but it will also make the job more worth it. Stick around as we will be teaching you how to make 5K a month on YouTube.


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We’ve consistently been making over $5K a month from YouTube, month after month after we started monetizing for the first time last year.

Want to learn how you can start making the same and more with your channel? Keep reading. 

So we’re going to show you the exact steps we took when we started to monetize on YouTube.

And then at the end of this post, we’re going to show you 2 bonus ways you can make additional cash from YouTube.

Let’s get started!

Video Outline
Intro (0:00)
Step #1 Start Posting Videos… A LOT! (0:46)
Step #2 Perform YouTube Keyword Research (1:11)
Step #3 Utilize Community Polls (3:18)
Step #4 Include Keywords in About Section and Channel Tags (3:38)
Step #5 Share Our Channel Absolutely Everywhere (4:04)
Step #6 Make Playlists (4:43)
Step #7 Test Everything (5:11)
Bonus Tip #1 (6:34)
Bonus Tip #2 (7:29)

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