My Business Lost Money last year…Here’s The Truth About What to Fix in Your Business

In this candid video, we delve into the story of how my business lost money last year, and explore the truth about what needs to be fixed in your business to prevent the same fate. We discuss the specific challenges and mistakes that led to our financial losses, such as poor financial management, lack of diversification in revenue streams, and a failure to adapt to industry changes. Along with sharing my personal story, I also share valuable lessons learned and expert insights on how to avoid similar pitfalls in your own business. This video offers a unique and honest perspective on common business struggles, and provides actionable steps for turning your business around and ensuring its long-term success

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00:00 Introduction
10:04 Assess your Financial performance
12:34 Consistently ask your customers for feedback
14:27 Regularly Evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness
17:12 Assess your human resources
18:54 Determine & Use your growth strategy