New Way To Grow Your Brand On Instagram In 2022

OWNING AND OPERATING A 7-FIGURE CLOTHING BRAND! In this video we sit down with James of Black Millionaires to talk about marketing secrets to promote and grow your brand on Instagram and more tips on social media.

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0:00 – Intro
1:00 – Black Millionaires
10:00 – Digital Product vs. Physical Product
10:00 – Secrets for Promoting on Instagram
17:30 – Marketing Strategies
22:45 – The Mindset You Need To Make Money
37:17 – Closing

In this video you’ll learn:
• How to Promote Your Brand on Social Media
• Grow on Social Media in 2022
• Digital Products vs. Physical Products
• How to Make Money Online
• Growing Your Clothing Brand on Social Media
• The New Way To Grow!!
• Make Money While Doing It.


We, Nicholas Clark and Marlon Watts started this clothing brand with 12 t-shirts ($120). We turned those t-shirts into an apparel empire. After graduating college, we decided to step into our clothing company full-time. We created this Youtube channel to show the journey of building a brand. We create behind-the-scenes vlogs so you can see the life behind running a successful clothing brand. We also feature other clothing lines, streetwear brands, or any entrepreneur looking to create a clothing brand startup business.

James Hill owns a Instagram brand that have over 600k followers. In this podcast video, we talk about social media marketing, social media strategy in 2022, instagram growth in 2022, the new way to grow your brand on instagram, instagram marketing tips, social media growth in 2022 and make money while doing it.

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