Online Coaching Business Model, Investment and Requirements to start Online Training Business

Online coaching business is easy to start and setup. You don’t need to invest lakhs of rupees in setup a learning space. All you need to know a perfect model for your subject. Once you finalize a model than you need to know about the technology tools that will help you in teaching online. Since, it is online coaching business, you also need to know about three important things. 1) SEO, 2)Email Marketing and 3)Digital Marketing.

In this video, I have explained four business models starting from no investment and going upto 50,000 Rs. starting investment.
1) Teach on YouTube – No investment Business Model
2) Sell Digital Products like notes, test-series etc. – Starting investment 5000 – 15000 Rs.
3) Run online courses – Starting investment 16000 Rs.
4) Run online course with branded mobile app – Starting capital 50000 Rs.

The ideas presented in this video are suitable for an individual teacher, a well established or new coaching center, school, colleges and even for corporates. If you are confused or want more details, you can take ETmantra’s online consultation service.
Consultation Service:

Services related to each business model are also provided by ETmantra. Link to know more about these services is given below:
1. Teach on YouTube
a) Educational Video Review Service
b) Educational Channel Review Service
c) YouTube SEO Training:
d) YouTube SEO service:

2. Sell Digital Products
a) WordPress Hosting:
b) WordPress training for teachers:
c) WordPress SEO course for teachers:
d) Email marketing for teachers:

3. Run online courses using Moodle
a) WordPress + Moodle Hosting:
b) Beginners guide to MOODLE LMS

4. Offer branded online course (without MOODLE)
a) Development and deployment service of LMS and Android mobile app

With this you will be able to setup one or all of these things.
1) One on One coaching business
2) Group coaching programs
3) Online courses/programs
4) Membership Sites

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