Optimising Your Amazon Selling Account for Sales by Sarah W & Victoria

Level : Beginner

Learn about the benefits and setup process of additional performance features such as Brand Registry, Brand Owner Tools, and Amazon Business.

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Get Started Selling on Amazon Series Webinars:

Part 1: Introduction to Selling on Amazon by Maggie and Victoria
Part 2: Setting Up Your Amazon Selling Account by Maggie and Victoria
Part 3: Creating Great Amazon Product Listings by Maggie and Nicky
Part 4: Optimising Your Amazon Selling Account for Sales by Maggie and Leisa
Part 5: Fulfilling Your Amazon Orders by Maggie and Victoria
Part 6: Managing Your Amazon Inventory by Maggie and Victoria
Part 7: Maintaining Your Amazon Selling Account by Maggie and Victoria
Part 8: Growing Your Amazon Business by Maggie and Dante
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Sarah Wilson

Sarah is a Global Selling Support Manager at Amazon – it is her role to provide local support to Australia and New Zealand business launching on the US store. In addition, she also leads the AU webinar strategy educating sellers on the A to Z of selling on Amazon both domestically and internationally.

Victoria Yuen

Victoria is a digital marketing specialist that takes overwhelm to easy. She is based in South West WA.

Victoria has been teaching small business owners how to use the power of social media to build their business for over 8 years. She previously owned and taught in her Yoga studio, ran a Fair Trade gift shop, book store, and owned and managed a Wellness Centre.

She has had multiple eCommerce stores and currently makes her own products and sells them on Amazon in the US and Australia. Victoria is also the author of 3 books on managing your stress.
Her strength lies in taking overwhelm in finding social media and online marketing complicated and making it easy and manageable for any business to thrive.

With Victoria’s extensive experience in business, eCommerce, and years teaching Digital Marketing, she uses her Bachelor of Teaching and Cert IV in Small Business knowledge, to create workshops that make sense, are practical, are easy to follow, and put into place for your business.
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