Performance Marketing | Setting Targets, Tracking Conversions & Scaling

We learn about performance marketing, which is focused on scaling growth at a specific cost per conversion target (CPA or CAC). We breakdown target setting, measuring CPAs, and diagnosing performance changes in media spend.

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We learn about how to track performance marketing campaigns (cost per conversion marketing), set CPA targets, measure results, analyze different types of media spend, and scale.

We also walkthrough how to breakdown the customer lifetime value, which is the way to figure out how much you can spend in marketing to convert a new customer.

Finally we cover the three metrics that will help you diagnose changes in performance on any media spend platform.

0:12 what is performance marketing and why does it matter
2:13 goal of performance marketing and the key metrics
2:48 customer acquisition cost (CAC or CPA) calculation with example of paid vs. blended CAC
6:52 setting cost / conversion targets, calculating your customer lifetime value w/ example
10:33 breaking down CPA performance for prospecting vs. remarketing (cold vs. warm audiences)
12:11 types of prospecting vs. remarketing campaigns on Facebook
14:11 types of prospecting vs. remarketing campaigns on Google
16:12 three most important digital marketing KPIs to diagnose performance changes

By the end of this video, you will understand how to set targets, measure cost per conversion, and scale digital marketing spend – I guarantee it.

If you have questions – leave a comment below and I’ll try to help. Cheers!

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