Pinterest Ad Magic for Your Business

Fun fact: I don’t select our guests with the exception of the ones I personally invite. So when I got the information on today’s guest I have to admit, I was selfishly ecstatic. I know the power of Pinterest. If you SAW all of my secret boards, good lawd! I think I plan most of life on Pinterest. But I’ve never used it as a business tool and with a new product we are launching, I was hungry to learn more.

Enter: Lindsay Shearer (SHEERUR), CEO of Pins 4 Profit and BrandRanx Media.

Her team focus is on running large volume of Pinterest Ads and organic and mixed with a cross channel SEO strategy for ecom brands. Lindsay has been featured in Entrepreneur, Fox Sports, Social Media Explorer, Market Watch and has spoken at events and hosted masterminds around the world. With a background in using digital marketing for mergers and acquisitions and private equity, Lindsay’s team has helped hundreds of brands reach massive growth and scale. Each year she is spending over $35M+ profitably for clients and addicted to the results!!

In this interview I ask:

What kinds of brands are a good fit for Pinterest advertising?

What does “cross channel advertising” mean in simple terms?

How does Pinterest fit into a cross channel advertising strategy?

What are are a couple campaign strategies for scaling to 4X return on ad spend on Pinterest?

How do you create Pinterest shopping ads at scale?

Connect with Lindsay Shearer

IG: @LindsayBShearer
Clubhouse: @LindsayBShearer
Twitter @lindsaybshearer