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This PMP® Training Video will help you understand Project Human Resource Management which is among the Project management knowledge areas. You will also learn the Project Human Resource Management processes. 🔥Free Project Management Course:

This PMP® Training video will explain:
1. What is Project Human Resource Management?
2. Functional Manager Vs. Project Manager
3. Project Human Resource Management Processes
4. Organization charts and role descriptions
5. Resource Histogram
6. Conflict Management

Plan Human Resource Management is the process f identifying and documenting project roles, responsibilities, required skills, reporting relationships, a do creating staffing management plan. This process is a part of the planning process group.

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About Simplilearn’s PMP® Certification Training Course:

The PMP® training course is designed to ensure that you pass the PMP exam on the first try. Our hands-on training approach, entrusted by 52,000 learners, will help you to understand the workings of the five process groups and 10 knowledge areas defined by the PMBOK Guide—Fifth Edition. We guarantee you’ll walk away with all the preparation and confidence you need to conquer the exam and earn the PMP certification.

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Who should take up this PMP® Certification Training Course?

The PMP certification is an essential professional requirement for senior project manager roles across all industries. The course is best suited for:

1. Project Managers
2. Associate/Assistant Project Managers
3. Team Leads/Team Managers
4. Project Executives/Project Engineers
5. Software Developers
6. Any professional aspiring to be a Project Manager

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What types of projects will you complete during this PMP® Certification Training course?

Our hands-on approach will guide you through four industry-based projects covering various concepts and scenarios.

Project 1: Performance Enhancement and Scope Management
Scenario: A client has requested improvements in their existing system’s performance. As the owner of the project, you will lead the project by examining the processes and the flow of activities from project initiation to close, demonstrating a well-defined scope, clear deliverables, budgets, and timelines. Domains covered include IN, PL, EX, M&C, and CL.

Project 2: Time and Cost Management
Scenario: You are working as a project manager with a software development company that requires a detailed new project. You will categorize the project into different phases, estimate the duration and budget the cost of the project. Domains covered include PL and M&C.

Project 3: Project Selection Based on Risk assessment (A)
Scenario: An automobile company wants to upgrade a line of cars and one of the requirements is to use special electronic auto parts. As the project manager, you will analyze the need to outsource various activities and offer relevant suggestions to management. Domains covered include PL, EX, M&C, and CL.

Project 4: Project Selection Based on Risk assessment (B)
Scenario: A software company is developing an application for telecom billing and you are designated the project manager. As a part of the planning process, you will look into the quality-related aspects of the project to ensure that the product meets expectations. Domains covered include PL, EX, M&C and CL.

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