Project Management for Small Business owners

If you’re a business owner you’re a project manager. Implementing new software, changing the commission scheme or even refreshing your brand are all projects.

The question is – you a great project manager because I’m not.

I’ve never been trained as a project manager, so I sort of wing it. Sure, the project gets done but I always have a sneaking feeling that I could have done it in less time and with less stress.

Well, that’s where today’s guest on the Mike Ames Show comes in.

Graham Wilson a project management guru who trains experienced project managers in some household name companies to be even better.

But that’s not why I invited him onto the show.

You see, he’s also very skilled at helping non-project managers (like me) manage projects!

Today he’ll be covering: –

❶ Why project management is important to small business owners
❷ What is project management for non-project managers?
❸ Some simple project management “tricks of the trade” to deliver some quick wins.

If you’re a business owner and you’re not a skilled project manager this episode is for you.

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One question: what are your project management skills like?