Regenesys Business School: Top Business School and Management College in South Africa

Regenesys, founded in 1997, has proven to be one of South Africa’s fastest-growing and leading business schools, offering internationally recognised undergraduate and PDBM, MBA, DBM, Public Management, Finance, LLB, Technology, and Education.

For more than 20 years, Regenesys has been awakening the potential of individuals and organisations by improving management and leadership skills and preparing them to break new ground in the private and public sectors.

Our academic programmes are uniquely designed to inspire and transform not only the mind, but also the heart and soul of our students, cultivating positive values, attitudes, and behaviours required for workplace success and global function.

We take pride in offering a top-notch higher education that generates graduates who are ready to take on leadership and management positions in their respective sectors.

This is what makes us one of the best business schools in South Africa.

Why Us?
• Best MBA School in South Africa
• Top Business School for undergraduate
• Recognized institute in South Africa
Postgraduate Programmes
• Masters of Business Administration (MBA)
• Doctorate of Business Management (DBM)
• Postgraduate Diploma In Business Management (PDBM)

Undergraduate Programmes
• Bachelor of Business Administration
• Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA): Retail Management
• Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA): Banking
• Higher Certificate in Business Management (HCBM)
• Higher Certification in Business Management (HCBM): Credit Banking
• Higher Certification in Business Management (HCBM): Retail Management

Public Management
• Masters of Public Management
• Postgraduate Diploma In Public Management (PDPM)
• Bachelor of Public Management (BPM)
• Higher Certificate in Public Management
• National Diploma In Public management Administration

• Bachelor of accounting Science (BCOMPT)
• Climate and Sustainability Reporting

• Bachelor of Laws

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