Restaurant Staffing During Coronavirus & Recession? | Restaurant Management & Small Business Tips


With closures and state of emergencies happening, there’s many restaurants and small businesses unsure how to deal with their staff during the Coronavirus outbreak and recession. I share 4 options that you could take…

One of the biggest concerns and messages I get from restaurant owners is staffing. Getting good employees to work your kitchen and front of house was already difficult enough. This covid-19 outbreak is tearing up our industry with closures (good thing to promote social distancing). But what should you do with your staff if you’re only able to operate as take out and delivery? Clearly your revenue will be slashed 40 – 70%…

Before we can figure out what to do…the first thing I recommend you do is to assess your business’ health. How much cashflow do you have? How much do you need to account for rent, utilities and fixed costs? How much is then left? This will give you a better idea what you CAN do with your staff.

Not knowing your business’ health and making decisions right away can hurt you immensely.

Now that you know your run way, you can decide to do one of 4 things for your staff (or a combo). Each of them have their prros and cons. Each of them does require you to have that difficult talk with your employees. The thing is, most of them will understand. It is a very trying time with the coronavirus outbreak. Many businesses are taking a major hit. You need to make the tough decision that is best for your business.

And some of these options are NOT available if your business’ health is not good. Which is why you’re seeing massive layoffs and in some cases – athletes pouring their money to help. At the end of the day, the hard decision you make in firing staff may be beneficial in the long run. This is the case when government assistance can be claimed or freeing up the business of further debt so you can rehire them later.

If you’re a restaurant owner, restaurateur, restaurant manager or small business owner, this video is important for you to learn how to deal with your staff during the coronavirus outbreak and recession happening right now.

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NOTE: I am not a medical professional or economist. Please refer to the CDC and WHO for more accurate information.

This video is filmed March 17 2020.