Retail Store Marketing Strategy For The New World – 9 Tips

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Retail Store Marketing Strategy For The New World – 9 Tips

1 – Imagine a world where you must do business without human interaction. You must be able to build relationships, have an exceptional customer experience, acquire customers, etc. How would you operate? This will force you to think outside the box and prepare for the future.

2 – You need to have an elite eCommerce store that matches your brand. Your new storefront will be in the digital world! People still want to shop and buy local, so make sure your store is a great shopping experience! Great pictures, videos, easy to navigate, good content that matches your brand voice, online chat, zoom video chat, check process with option to pickup, have shipped or have delivered. Ability to schedule private viewing/try-on sessions. Etc. If in person checkout, provide touchless checkout and safe shopping experience. Better safe than sorry! Think of new packages, such as subscription packages, weekly/daily specials, products people want/need in the new world (such as masks), etc.

3 – MUST build a CRM database. Collect as much information on your customers as you possibly can. You need to understand your customer like never before. When is their B-day, who’s in their family, who are their friends, what do they like, what have they bought, how much have they spent all-time, where do they rank, what are their social media profiles, etc.

4 – Build relationships with your customers. Connect with them on social media. Follow them. Like their content, Comment on their content. Send them DMs. Send them special deals, ideas on things they like, etc. The relationship now extends beyond the in-store experience to the digital world. This is an opportunity to build even stronger customer loyalty and LTV! Plus, tap into their friend networks on social media!

5 – Beyond your customers, use social media to acquire more new customers and build your brand in your local area. Follow friends of your customers (like minded people), non-profits, sports/schools, neighborhoods, businesses, everyone in your radius of impact. Be seen! Be liked! Just love on people and they will love on you in return. Don’t be salesy. Be authentic. Go to the recent posts in your city and like all posts of people that seem like they’d fit your demographic. Leave a comment! DM them a coupon to support a local store!

6 – Leverage email and SMS. Nurture all your customers in an automated way. Build journeys for different interested, product categories, seasons, holidays, etc. It’s all about driving up ROI! Send coupons and gifts to loyal customers to keep them coming back.

7 – Ask for reviews! Dominate reviews and ratings so you are the #1 rated store in your category in your area.

8 – Invest in multi-channel advertising. Imagine this…

9 – Build your brand! Your brand is key. Do not rely on Amazon. You must build your own brand to success long-term and increase your valuation.

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