running a successful small business [checklist]

small-business ownership is a never-ending exercise in problem-solving. this video is designed to help you resolve a small business’s most compelling challenges, including “the care and feeding” of customers, improving sales and increasing profitability, using advertising and publicity, developing strategies for pricing and distribution, keeping tabs on the all-important profit and loss statement, and harnessing the power of technology. often, the best way to solve the problems that accompany many small businesses is by asking someone who’s already been there, done that, which is why we dedicate a whole chapter to learning from others’ experiences.

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running a successful small business overview 00:06
small business insurance 01:20
small business taxes 07:48
small business leases 08:40
small business records 09:04
small business checks management 11:19
small business outsourcing 12:40
small business accounting 18:12
small business expenses 37:47
small business budgeting 42:36
small business vendors management 46:06
small business outsiders management 49:13
small business partnerships 1:01:55
small business hiring process 1:06:31
small business taxes management 1:09:07
small business laws 1:12:44