Scaling for Social Business Success: Combining Social Intelligence & Engagement 11 7 13

Managing enterprise social media has historically been what we’ll call challenging: Too many solution providers, with too much data in silos, not enough depth and reach, and too much overall complexity and inefficiency, particularly when it came to scale.

That was the past. HootSuite and Brandwatch would like to welcome you to the future.

We’ve partnered to combine HootSuite’s social relationship platform with Brandwatch’s deep social listening and analytics—creating a comprehensive social listening and engagement solution that allows you to manage social media across the enterprise…all from one unified user experience.

Join Kevin Zellmer, Global Director of Enterprise Business Development for HootSuite, and Sebastian Hempstead, Brandwatch’s Exec. VP of North America, for this live, one-hour webinar, where they’ll examine the benefits and business value in this joint offering and discuss the most common use cases, including social marketing, social customer service, and social selling—and, along the way, explore highlights of the new integration, including a demonstration.
Brandwatch’s interface is fast, sleek and organised, with collaboration and ease of use at its heart. Take a look at this introduction to get a taste of the Brandwatch user experience.

Brandwatch is powerful social media monitoring, analytics and intelligence tool. Grow your presence, track your influence and understand your audience.

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