Scaling & Growing Your Candle Business (Makesy & Black Tie Barn Collaboration)

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Thanks for tuning in to this two-part collab with @makesyofficial discussing starting a candle business in 2023 and tips for scaling your candle business.

In this video specifically, Wade and Mel chat about scaling your candle business. You can find part 1 of this collab where we chat about starting a candle business in 2023 on Makesy’s channel here:

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Wicks (Premier 700 series):
Maksey (luxury woodwicks, vessels, wax, oils):
Candle Tins: USA –, Canada – (Use Discount Code to Save on these tins: BTB20OFF)
Village Candle Supply (CA and USA):
Wick Holders and Clips:
Custom Labels, Stickers, and Tape:
Mixing Jugs for FO/Color Β½ gallon –
Mixing Jugs for FO/Color 1 gallon –
Piston Funnel –
Respirator Mask:
Color Wheel (for mixing dyes):
Wooden Stirring Spoons:
Plastic Stirring Spoons:
Probe Thermometer –
Infrared Thermometer:
Heat Gun (Variable temp settings):
Economical Scale:
Economical Scale:
Economical Scale:
Wax Melter with spout:
Pouring Pitcher:
Wick trimmer –
Wick Trimmer (w/base) –
Wood Wick Trimmer:
Paper Plates (9”) for color testing/pitcher trivet:
Paper Plated (6”) for color testing:
Glass Measuring Cup (my favorite):
Glass Measuring Cup Set:
Glass Measuring Cup:

Shipping Label Printer (Rollo):
Shipping Label Pack (Rollo):
Shipping Label Roll Holder (Rollo):
Honeycomb paper –
Tape Gun:
Packing/Shipping Tape:
Packing Peanuts (Environmental Friendly):
White Shipping Box – Pack of 50, 6 x 4 x 3:
White Shipping Box – Pack of 25, 6 x 4 x 4:
Aviditi White Mailing Boxes – Pack of 50, 5.5 x 3 1/2 x 3 1/2:

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