Scaling Guide For a Profitable Exit – Customer Avatars & Cross-Border Expansion | GoSeller 2022

Avatar marketing: creating an ideal customer avatar & brand avatar, how to brand your business, cross border expansion, exiting – scaling guide for a profitable exit!🔥

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Welcome to day 4 of GoSeller 2022! As we reach the fourth and final session of this insightful summit, we explore the most important aspects of your business in the growth & mature phase – branding basics, marketing, scaling, and exiting! Once you have created your business then you need to think about creating attractive brand avatars. Then comes the expansion stage – you need to identify which marketplaces are profitable for your business, Amazon currency converter for sellers if you choose cross-border expansion, payments, etc. Finally exiting – many sellers ask “is now a good time to sell my business?”

On day 4 of GoSeller 2022, we explore all! Ben Leonard, Co-Founder of Ecom Brokers explores understanding your customer & building a customer avatar, brand avatars, and marketing avatar.”

Next, Ryan Cramer, Partner Marketing Manager @PingPong Payments explores cross-border expansion, changing currency on Amazon and amazon currency converter.

Finally, Gregory Elfrink, Director of Marketing @Empire Flippers takes you through everything you need to know about exiting on Amazon.

Introduction : 0:00
Understanding Your Customer & Building a Customer Avatar: 0:01:44
Cross Border Expansion: 0:38:23
Exit Planning – All You NEED to Know!: 1:11:27
Recap of GoSeller 2022: 2:02:18

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