Scaling Small Business Doesn’t Have to Be Scary with John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing

Are you a small business owner that wants to be profitable and scale effectively? This episode is for you! In this episode Eric welcomes John Jantsch, Founder & President of Duct Tape Marketing, to talk about his approach to overcoming challenges in small business marketing, along with what has changed in marketing trends, the customer journey, and martech over the past few years.

John speaks on the inspiration behind his first book, Duct Tape Marketing, as well as what you can expect from his new book, The Ultimate Marketing Engine: 5 Steps to Ridiculously Consistent Growth. He also shares expert insight into attribution, optimizing your “customer success track”, presenting yourself as a thought leader, and sustainably scaling your small business.

“A lot of agencies are discovering today that without a unique point of view, without a unique system, without a process for educating and onboarding and doing the work that they do to get results for clients, it’s kind of a race to the bottom.” – John

Tune in to hear the true story of how John helped a small waterproofing business attract new, ideal customers and scale successfully. Plus, you’ll learn why you need to start structuring your content around hub pages!

“An effective strategy will do two things: it will help you know what to do and it will help you know what not to do.” – John

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About John Jantsch, Founder & President, Duct Tape Marketing:
John’s mission is to help small & local business owners, professional services providers, and consultants streamline their marketing approach, increase revenue and scale strategically by providing a proven, practical and simple system called Duct Tape Marketing.
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