Scaling Up – Building Connections and Influence to Grow Your Brand/Business in 2021

Future Females Gold Coast Capsule Event at Gold Coast Ferrari

About this event:

2020 was a year many business owners did not expect, forever changing the landscape of business. 2021 is the beginning of a new wave of business that involves personal touch, stronger connections, and a pivot away from a templated 5 step process from the past.

Entrepreneurs & Intrapreneurs are seeking out knowledgeable professionals who can help them identify their own unique paths forward.

The best business strategy is not a rob-and-duplicate biz model but rather a custom approach that considers vision, values, and impact.

We are here to help you achieve just that!!

Powered by Neilson Law, we will be bringing three exceptional leaders together to dive into some key emerging business trends such as social value, social proof, networking, personal branding, and digital marketing to help you build connections and influence to scale up your brand/business in 2021!

🎤 Amanda Williams – Director of Yellowpanda PR Digital

🎤 Tanya Abbey – CEO of Black Wolf Group

🎤 Natalie Carosi – Managing Director at Lemon Tree Marketing

We are pro-women, not anti-men. Men are always welcome! This is an inclusive event.

Future Females Gold Coast is a community and space where Gold Coast-based entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs can connect, learn, and be inspired.

​Future Females Gold Coast Ambassadors, Tash & Romy