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Phil Haswell of ZonOps talks about Scaling Your Amazon Business Operations Using Software. Try #GETIDA Free at:

In this Prime Talk Podcast Video Sponsored by GETIDA – Phil Haswell of ZonOps – THE COMMAND CENTER FOR YOUR AMAZON OPERATIONS. Organize your online seller operations so you can spend more time growing your Amazon business. #ZonOps #philhaswell

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About Phil Haswell of ZonOps –

Zonops was created for businesses like yours; it’s the complete operations management platform for your Amazon business. We combined all the core operational elements into one integrated package providing the systems you need to grow your sales revenue and profits. We started Zonops because we couldn’t find a system that could help us run our Amazon business efficiently and effectively. We developed a system that became the command center for our Amazon operations. We would love you to experience the power of having everything in one place so that your business is sustainable and operates without YOU!

About GETIDA –

With e-commerce growing annually by at least 30%, it will become harder and harder to audit what can amount to anywhere from 1-3% of your annual revenue. GETIDA is actively dedicated to improving the overall operations of Amazon FBA sellers. We’ve developed robust auditing software that keeps track of your Amazon FBA inventory transactions, refunds, seller data analytics, and FBA reimbursements easily and clearly. We maintain an agreeable, established relationship with Amazon, and our dedicated case managers draw on that relationship when filing FBA reimbursement claims on your behalf.

We not only identify potential FBA reimbursement claims, our case managers file and follow up on all of your Amazon cases, providing a premium quality service for you and your business. You can join GETIDA for free and quickly discover the FBA reimbursements data on your Amazon account, get free consulting on how to improve your Amazon business, and much more!

GETIDA helps you get refunds for:
▶ Lost Product in Amazon Warehouse
▶ Lost Inbound Amazon Products
▶ Products Damaged in Amazon Warehouse
▶ Damaged Inbound Products
▶ Customer Return Issues
▶ Customer Service Issues
▶ Inventory Damage in FBA Warehouse
▶ Customer Returns Damaged by Amazon
▶ Inventory Damage in Amazon Warehouse Transfer
▶ Order Discrepancies
▶ Shipment Discrepancies
▶ FBA Fee Overcharges and Reductions
▶ Lost / Damaged Shipment from Carrier
▶ Inventory Destroyed Without Permission
▶ Reimbursement of unpaid Reimbursements
▶ Returns Posted after Amazon’s Return Deadline

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