Secret Marketing Show: Ep 8 Implement that small business plan

You’ve got a clear set of goals and a shiny new marketing plan.
What can stop you from implementing?

This week marks the final episode in this series of the #SecretMarketingShow and features many of the pitfalls that stop small business owners from putting their carefully laid plans into action.

Such as:

😖 Obstacles making you want to go back to how things were
😖 Fear of criticism of your efforts
😖 Feeling like you want to chuck it all in and outsource your marketing completely
😖 Thinking your plan is set in stone and can’t be adjusted
😖 Not being derailed by well meaning advice

Putting plans into action is such a personal thing.

The way you keep yourself on track needs to fit with your personality and experiences.

I’m not a natural planner but have found ways to manage my ‘leave it until the last minute’ nature e.g. diarising work, finding accountability partners and working with coaches.

Do any of the implementation blockers ring a bell with you? If so, which one and what’s your method of managing it?

Sound effects obtained from! Fab, weren’t they?