Small Business Administration – The First Step to Grow Your Small Business

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Small Business Administration – Now, this advice applies to you even if you are not a small business owner. So, for all of you out there who are not a small business owner and who maybe have no plans on being a small business owner, stick around. But, for you small or large business owners, this is a CRITICAL lesson.

This is something I had to learn PERSONALLY and I had to learn it the hard way. So, I am here to save you some trouble.

Small business administration is the first step to growing your business. You need to have systems in place that allow tasks to be done effectively, things to be organized. You need to have quarterly outcomes. You need to have project management.

You need to have EVERYBODY with the right information, tools and communication so that everything is organized and on track. You’re creating SPECIFIC outcomes and results. Actionable plans are in place. Definable outcomes are in place and EVERYTHING is measurable, effective, flowing, and effortless.

That’s the very technical “how-to” of small business administration. I could go into ALL those systems in-depth and the best way to manage all those but, that’s not what specifically this video is about.

This video is about the mindset that you need to have behind all of those things. Again, this is why it is applicable to you even if you have not started your business yet, or if you have a large business, or if you are not even thinking about business.

Here is the mindset.

As a business owner, or in life, you need to be centered at the center of your business. Understand that in life or in business there will always be a MILLION things going on. There will always be a flurry of activity – emails, phone calls, breakdown, breakthroughs, needs, and desires. All these things will ALWAYS be occurring because expansion is always occurring.

Understand that your job as a business owner or as somebody who would like to be successful in life is to stay peacefully centered at the center of your business. Your job is not to be reactive to the ups and downs, the problems and successes, and all the different things. You can’t ride that roller coaster.

Sure! Celebrate that success when success comes and deal with the breakdown when the breakdown happens. But, you can’t become emotionally invested in every moment of everything that is occurring around you.

Or, you will be ABSOLUTELY stressed out. You won’t be able to be effective inside your business or your life.

So, the way I suggest you setting up your business administration is in a way, in any way that keeps you centered, calm, happy, clear-minded, focused, and able to create inside of your power and clarity.

For me, that meant laying out my different projects, commitments, and outcomes that I was looking to create and specking out three months at a time inside of my year, a quarter at a time, and creating SPECIFIC actual results that I would like to achieve in that time.

Giving plenty of space for projects to get done in the way they need to be done.

Seeing it all laid out allowed me to take that out of my head and put it in front of me and allowed me to become relaxed and more centered.

I would encourage you to implement some small business administrative practices that help you stay centered in the center of your business.

If this video has been helpful, please let me know the insights that it brought you or some plans of action that you plan on implementing as a result. I would love to hear it.

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Noah Hammond