Small Business Finance Manager Excel Template – Accounting & Bookkeeping Simplified

Take control of your finances with Small Business Finance Manager Excel template.

Accounting Simplified. Bookkeeping Simplified.

With one Excel file, you can manage all your financial transactions. It will automatically generate Profit and Loss Statement (also called Income Statement) for your business, calculate the balances in all your Financial accounts (bank accounts, credit cards and cash), and generate a Cash Flow Report showing money flowing in and out of your accounts.

It is equally important to have immediate access to insights on your business performance (sales trends, top customers, expense trends and expense categories). Insights Dashboard provides exactly that.

If you are generating invoices and paying bills for your business, you want to know which invoices are unpaid by your customers and which bills are due to be paid by you. No problem. You can use our automated Reports that show unpaid bills and invoices.

Microsoft Excel for Windows (2013 or newer)
Microsoft Excel Online
Microsoft Excel 365
Microsoft Excel for Mac (2016 or newer)

Simple & Effective design with easy data entry. Get started in minutes & spend less time in managing data.
View the total balances with all your accounts in one place in Dashboard
Generate automated Profit & Loss Statement (or income statement) for your business
Easily view the money flow in and out monthly into your accounts in Cash Flow Report
Make smarter business decisions by knowing valuable business insights about income and expense trends in Business Insights dashboard
See a list of all unpaid invoices and bills in Unpaid Report
Generate Customer and Supplier reports
Supports 14 types of financial transactions including bulk payments, refunds, credits and transfers