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5 Financial Management Tools for Small Businesses

FINANCE THOUGHT FUNNEL Having the right financial management tools for your business is paramount for the best financial outcome. Watch this video to learn about 5 essential tools to manage your business’ finances efficiently. For more on this subject, click here: ABOUT: TechFunnel, a web brand of Bython Media, is an ambitious technology media […]

Inventory Management Basics for Small Business

This video will walk you through getting started with CyberStockroom inventory management software for small business. You will learn how to create and modify a map of your business, create new products in your inventory and check products in and out of your locations. To get started with a free account please visit

Should your smallbiz own real estate? Small Business Management

Learn to buy a business: Visit my blog Related Article: My Barber’s glad he doesn’t own the potholes. Remember the barber with the potholes? Why didn’t he ever buy the building? This week, I give you the counterargument explaining why small businesses SHOULD NOT own real estate. Watch this unless you like handyman […]

5 Best Project Management Software – Project Management Tools For Small Business (2020)

Let’s check our list. The 5 Best Project Management Software for your business: 1. TeamGantt (Project Management Tools): 2. Wrike (Online project management software): 3. monday Team Management Platform: 4. ClickUp (Simple Project Management Software): 5. Zoho Projects Management: Do you think that you must have some project management software […]

How to manage your time | Small business |

Need more time in your day to manage your small business? Dave Crenshaw’s here to help, with time-management tips for increasing productivity and efficiency. Watch the follow-up movies at This specific tutorial is from the Small Business Secrts series presented by author Dave Crenshaw. This series covers small business topics such as getting […]

Social Media Marketing 101 for Small Businesses

In this video, we’re going to break down social media marketing 101 guidelines for small businesses. Learn more on our blog here: What’s your favorite and least favorite social platforms as a consumer? We’d love to see your answers in the comment section below! Most businesses understand the importance of social media marketing, but […]

How To Manage Your Business Cash Flow Effectively And Efficiently Business cash flow management has to done at 2 levels: the Operational or Working IN the business level, and the Strategic or Working ON the business level. Operational cash flow management is done with the Rolling Weekly Cash Flow Forecast. Strategic cash flow management is done with the Cash Flow Statement. The Cash Flow […]