Small Business Success Stories: Australia City Properties Management | Employsure

Small Business State of Mind is a video series that features small business success stories. We travel across the nation to interview small business owners to understand their challenges, achievements and motivation behind starting their own business.

In this episode, we speak with Robert Wang, owner of the Australia City Properties Management. Robert shares his personal experiences in building their business and the challenges they had to overcome.

Small Business State of Mind is an initiative by Employsure to not only feature small business success stories but to also express our gratitude to these unsung heroes. Each and every one of them have contributed to the culture of their community in big ways and small.

We encounter small businesses daily – we drop off our kids at their childcare, get our dose of caffeine from their café, pick up our laundry, get our cars serviced, and so much more. Their smiles and service go a long way in shaping our week; and they make our days that much more colourful.

These interactions, however, become part of a routine. And as all things that get regularised, it gets taken for granted. We often miss seeing things from their perspective. Learning about their journey that got them to where they are and how to continue to strive forth so they can continue to provide the services to enrich our lives.

How did their idea and passion propel them to leave a cushy and secure 9 to 5 job, and start something afresh? Or how they took over a dated family business and modernized it to keep up with the changing time.

This is their story; stories of small business success, stories of small business perseverance.

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