Social Media: Managing Your Digital Footprint And Expanding Your Influence | Lunch & Learn Lecture

In our Digital Age, no professional is exempt from managing their digital footprint. What we post, share, and publish online has the potential to enhance our careers or destroy them.

Social media’s extensive global reach and archival capabilities can create a multitude of challenges for professionals unaware of what’s contained in their digital footprint. Learning how to implement social media strategies that positively contribute to our reputation, lead to additional career opportunities, and increase community influence is an essential part of 21st-century professional development.

Social media’s many features can be leveraged to build connections, foster quality relationships, and support meaningful organizational goals. Cultivating a digital footprint that aligns with your expertise and values should be a top priority for today’s innovative professionals.

-Social Media’s Potential Impact on Professional Pursuits
-Effective Strategies for Managing Your Digital Footprint
-Social Media Pitfalls Professionals Should Avoid
-Utilizing Social Media to Expand Your Community Influence

About the Speaker:

Hannah Becker is the Creative Director at Becker Digital, a service-disabled, veteran-owned small business that develops public relations and social media strategies for government and nonprofit organizations. Hannah’s innovative digital strategies lead the way in community relations, multi-generational communications, and social media initiatives.

Hannah is also currently an adjunct professor at Virginia Military Institute and Outreach Ambassador for Military Officers Association of America.

She holds a bachelor’s degree from Mississippi State University, a Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership, and a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Florida Tech. She has multiple certifications in cybersecurity, public relations, and website design.

Hannah previously served on the Kansas Department of Agriculture’s Advisory Council, Olathe Health’s Advisory Council, and Military Family Advisory Network’s Advisory Board.

Hosted by the Florida Tech Alumni Association.

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