Social Media Skills – Your Home Business Progression And Scaling Up

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Today’s video is all about the progression you should follow to grow your social media skills. There’s a specific order that you should be progressing your social media skills.

This will progress in this order usually.

The very first social media skills you should focus on is networking and prospecting. Followed by creating passive content and developing a brand. Finally, you’ll create ultimate leverage in your business with ads and passive marketing.

What’s the difference?

Networking and prospecting on social media is an amazing skill and necessary to build an audience. Some people have even built their entire business using only social media networking. However the most successful people have built businesses in the six, seven and eight figures by leveraging the power of content marketing and ads.

Passive content are things like blog posts and YouTube videos. You do the work once and the content stays there forever. I like to refer to this as creating “forever leads” for your business. You’ll have leads coming in from work you did only once. That’s real leverage in your home business.

Social media skills like networking and prospecting are absolutely essential to close leads and create a small income quickly. BUT… This takes a tremendous amount of time to master and you don’t get more hours added to your day because you’re you. The answer to this one is to create passive leads by leveraging your content marketing and then ads.

My Social Media Skills Recommendation

You have to do some of both! You must be learning networking and prospecting while at the same time discovering how to create passive content. I’m not saying don’t focus, I’m saying get proficient and then add some leverage. It works the other way around too. Once you’ve gotten good at content creation then begin to add social media networking and prospecting.

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