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If you’re a new to Consulting or starting your own Consulting Business there are dozens of videos on here that you’ll find useful.
This week I’ll show you around the Channel and how to find all the good stuff!

Video Production
Hiring a team and lots more.
Proposal writing

I’ll add the Play Lists here, that will help you to find what you need.
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00:00 – Intro
01:08 – The Benefits of Subscribing to Channel
03:11 – How to Subscribe
04:15 – Home Tab
04:40 – Playlists
07:00 – Search
09:05 – Outro

⚑ The Main Playlists⚑

Sales for Consultants:
Weekly Update – Consulting Business School:
Management and Staffing for Startup Consultants:
How to Start Management Consulting:
Marketing for Consultants:

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TIMESTAMPS (in case you want to skip) πŸ‘‡

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