Successful Cattery Business Management Training – July 19, 2022

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We’re walking in the opposite direction of the herd here! Forget everything has ever told you about running a cattery. You actually CAN make money and you CAN treat it like a business.

In this training event, you’ll learn:

Know Your Avatar – Who is the person that follows your cattery online? How specific can you get when getting to know this person? 

Insights and Analytics – How to Find out EXACTLY who your Avatar is on each platform 
Marketing your Cattery 
Facebook – How to use Facebook without Breaking the Rules
Which is better? A PERSONAL page for your Cattery or a BUSINESS page?
Instagram – What post type is getting the most engagement these days? 
TikTok – Is TikTok worth your time?
Website – What information should be included on your website?
Examples of REALLY BAD posts and REALLY good social media posts
Building Great Desire and Anticipation for every one of your kittens 
Online Listings – 2 websites where you can list your cattery and get website traffic
Photography – All of the tools you need to take professional quality photographs of your cats and kittens
Tutorial on how to take photos of kittens and cats of all ages 
Step-By-Step breakdown of the “Breeder Hold”. Learn how to hold your kittens in photos so it doesn’t look like you’re choking them
REAL-TIME Edit of a kitten photo, taking your from a mediocre image to a high-quality professional “post ready” photo [Learn the only easy-to-use app that you can use to edit every single photo]
Buyer Applications – Learn some key elements to include in a kitten application 
Discover the FREE software you can use to add an online application for your cattery
Essential Questions to ask on your kitten buyer application 
How to “spy” on your buyers without them knowing using public information
Gathering data to determine exactly the best price for your buyers  
Relationships with Buyers – The Know, Like, and Trust Cycle
The relationship before the sale
The relationship after the sale 
The relationship after the kitten goes home 
Handling issues – how to handle behavioral or health issues that arise after the kitten goes home, and still keep your buyer relationship intact 
How to simplify and automate your communication process with your buyers 
Reviews and Testimonials – How important are they and how to get your buyers to review you 
Keeping Track of your Kittens Once they Leave – a Simple and Automated process to keep tabs on your kittens for YEARS after they go home without ever forgetting their “new” names or who their owners are.
LIVE KITTEN RESERVATION – Watch OVER my shoulder while I release a kitten to my Approved Guardians List during the event. Watch the step-by-step process I use to keep my process simple, exciting, and FAST. 
Why allowing reservations of your kittens at 9 weeks old is a better plan than allowing it at 2 weeks old