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The Four Faces of the CFO

The Four Faces of the CFO As the CFO of a company, you play multiple roles. The role of the CFO includes steward, operator, catalyst, and strategist. Each one of these carries its own set of responsibilities and demands. As a result, you must be efficient in your decision-making process, pro-active, and have a clear […]

The Chief Financial Officer Job Description

The Chief Financial Officer Job Description A chief financial officer is a high-ranking position in the financial world. A CFO is responsible for forecasting the company’s finances and must possess soft skills and a graduate degree. There are some differences between CFOs in for-profit companies and nonprofits. A nonprofit CFO must focus on the finance […]

What Is C-Suite Leadership?

What Is C-Suite Leadership? A C-Suite position requires a range of skills, including high-level decision-making, visionary perspectives, and team leadership. The C-Suite is responsible for a company’s overall success, and requires leaders with a range of comprehensive leadership qualities. Entrepreneurs with startup experience are also strong candidates for C-Suite positions. Startup founders typically have strong […]