Taxes Explained For Content Creators… Save Thousands Every Year! | #ThinkMediaPodcast #161

In this episode, Sean and Matt Bontrager explain taxes for content creators and how to save thousands every year! ****** Book a call with Matt Bontrager’s team & ensure you keep more of your hard-earned income here 👉

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0:00 – Matt Bontrager & Taxes for Content Creators
3:18 – Mindset surrounding taxes
4:20 – Why should someone start a side-business?
7:15 – When should someone start an LLC?
10:25 – How much do you need to be earning for there to be beneficial tax savings?
12:30 – Hobby vs. Business
15:45 – Keeping your own records
20:15 – Deductions
36:05 – What are the tax rates?
37:50 – Biggest mistakes people are making with taxes?
41:30 – What are basic foundational tips?

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