The $17,000,000 Clothing Brand That You Probably Never Heard Of 😳- Tulones #303

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The Tulones Clothing Brand. Two line and an “S” (a dollar sign $) = Tulones

Generated $17,000,000 in 2021

Damon and Chris are brothers from Alabama. They used a pull up “pop up” strategy which served as their marketing went from selling from basement to selling from car then upgrading to selling out of a sprinter van. Now, they operate out of a 12,000 square ft. warehouse.

They started the brand with 12 items. There is major focus on branding household products.
This is high quality yet affordable clothing and a clothing brand that is an identifier for the south.

The first batch of orders had hand written tags with zero complaints.
2018 from basement made a million. The following year they made 8 million. They are knowledgeable about the printing process. There’s a difference between clothing brand and selling merchandise. All designs are executed based on how they want it to sell.

They pride themselves on honest work, quality, and always being ready for every opportunity that comes their way.

Here’s one main question that’s useful for any business:
What is a break even analysis?

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02:40 Introducing The Tulones Brand

07:30 Starting The Market Push

20:41 Commercial Break

21:21 Scaling The Business

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33:18 The Frustrating Side Of Contracts

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