The 5 Must-Have Online Marketing Tools for Growing Your Business in 2023

As the market continues to struggle, interest rates remain high, and we enter the industry’s “slow” season, many brokerages will choose to wait out the tough times and pull back on marketing efforts to cut costs. But the best way to overcome these obstacles is by doubling down on online marketing—not cutting the exact thing needed most. That said, now is the perfect time for agents to learn how to use the latest automated online marketing tools in DeltaNET®.

Delta Media Group’s® VP of Sales, Franklin Stoffer hosts a special Online Marketing Webinar. He is joined by Winston Widdes, a Paid Advertising Strategist with Delta. Learn how to use some of the most essential online marketing tools available in DeltaNET, including:

– My Customer for Life (MCFL)
– Social Connector
– AD Wizard
– Market Watch Reports
– Smart Drip Email Campaigns