The City That Hates Pedestrians and Children | Vladivostok, Russia: Cars, Ruined Roads and Traffic

Vladivostok is a Russian city close to Japan that looks nothing like it. I’ve been here a few times and things are getting worse and worse. There’s no maintenance for children’s playgrounds, the pedestrians are treated as enemies and the only urban environment that exists is that for cars. They’re actually quite a big problem here. The city looks like a huge car park with endless queues of traffic trying to squeeze into a free space. The recent development projects look abandoned, tourists are falling down the stairs on the way to a sightseeing viewpoint and there’s no light to guide them at night. Why is it all in such a terrible state? Let’s hear from the locals!

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00:00 Intro
00:34 Welcome to Vladivostok!
01:26 Cars all around
03:26 Teeny tiny sidewalks
05:00 City square turned into a car park
06:57 Historic buildings vs modern architecture
08:02 The end for pedestrians
09:35 Never ending traffic
11:11 The depressing train station
12:55 Communists’ enemy: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
17:36 No maintenance for children
19:05 Abandoned development
20:19 What do the locals think?
22:54 A dreadful viewpoint
26:59 Jazzy night lights
29:50 Conclusion