The Importance of Social Media When Scaling a Business – Brian Keane #shorts

Brian Keane – The Four Quadrants of Living a Full Life and How to Manage Fear

Brian Keane, known as Brian Keane Fitness online is a Reps qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer, certified Strength and Conditioning Coach and Sports Nutritionist.

Over the past seven years, he has gone from working full time as primary school teacher to one of Ireland’s leading thought leaders on all thing’s health, fitness, and nutrition.

He has had mainstream features everywhere from the UK and Irish Daily Mail, Star and Mirror to Men’s and Women’s Health Magazine.

On top of his ever-growing social media platforms which have a combined total of well over a quarter of a million followers, he also hosts one of Ireland and the UK’s top health podcast which is regularly featured #1 on the iTunes Health Charts.

Brian’s online fitness programs have over a thousand graduates every single year. In his programs, he helps people reach their weight loss, fitness, or body composition goal by giving them sustainable fitness programs alongside changing their entire mindset when it comes to food. Brian isn’t a calorie in, calorie out nutritional coach, nor is he a low carb, vegan or paleo advocate. His philosophy is all about finding a nutritional plan that works for you as an individual and showing that your mindset around nutrition is more important than the actual diet plan you are on.

Brian has authored four books, three of which were Amazon best-sellers including, The Fitness Mindset, Rewire your Mindset, The Keane Edge and Leaner, Stronger, Faster.

Over the past seven years, Brian has become one of the most recognised faces in the Irish health and fitness industry. He has spoken at major wellness events such as Wellfest and was a Keynote speaker at Google HQ in Dublin for their 2018 wellness event.

In today’s conversation we will explore:
• The Importance of knowing where you want to go but ensuring that it aligns with your values.
• Knowing when you should quit
• How fear shows up and some great questions we should ask ourselves to overcome it
• The importance of not trading your time for money but using leverage to scale
• Getting the balance right using Brian’s four quadrants for a full life
• Great advice to maintain a healthy life where Brian shares his morning and evening routines
• Legacy and having a conversation with you 98-year old self

“Don’t forget the flowers at your feet when you are reaching for the moon.”

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Brendan is a global business leader who builds profitable, scalable businesses by delivering on his strong personal belief that anything is possible. Over seventeen years, twelve as CEO of CDE Group, he helped the company achieve 25x revenue growth and become an industry leader. During his time as CEO the company delivered almost £500 million ($750 million) cumulative revenue and £50 million ($75 million) cumulative profit from more than 90 countries. The company also generated considerable cash reserves and became a revered leader in its industry.

Driven by his own desire to inspire, connect and enable ambitious leaders of SMEs to scale with purpose, he co-founded Simple Scaling with Claire Colvin with whom he co-authored Simple Scaling: 10 Proven Principles to 10x your business. Brendan also acts as a Non-Executive Director to CDE Asia (part of CDE Group). In 2016, he was awarded the Institute of Directors, UK Young Director of the Year and Overall, Director of the Year. Brendan is also a regular keynote speaker, the host of the popular ScaleX™ Insider Podcast and is also a Wim Hof Instructor.

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